What The Heck Is SEO All About?


SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it's a term that's commonly used in website design and curation circles. It refers to a set of best practices that are intended to help a site rank as well as possible in search engine results pages for their preferred keywords. For example, a towing business would likely want to rank for terms like "lockout" and "roadside assistance." Let's take a look at how this is accomplished and what an SEO company can do for your business.

Optimizing What?

Every SEO company has a checklist that it works from when its team first looks at a client's website. Does the site load quickly? This matters because search engines like Google prefer not to send users to a dreadfully slow site. Is the site organized to be machine-readable? Search bots have to be able to scan a site to understand it. What content is there on the site that speaks to what a web searcher needs? If you're not talking to the audience, your site's content is worse than worthless.

To optimize a site, an SEO company has to address both functional issues and the production of content. At the functional level, code can be optimized to speed up the site, provide better navigation for search bots, and to narrowly target the client's business niche. At the content level, writing on the site can be tailored to focus on what a company's core selling proposition is to their customers.


A good SEO plan includes allowances for monitoring progress. Fortunately, web analytics platforms are widely available and easy to use. Your SEO agency will set you up with an account that will allow you to track your progress in ranking for your targeted keywords. It's also possible to look at what competitors are doing and learn what you can be doing better. Once you've developed a sharp eye for analyzing the competition, you'll even spot opportunities that they're exploiting and that you're missing.

Keeping Up with Trends

There is a tension inherent between the search engines and the SEO world. People will always try sketchy things to outrank their competition, and search engine providers work hard to thwart them. Practices that were once acceptable, such as building out a ton of links, become unacceptable. It's the job of the SEO company you hire to keep you ahead of these changes and to keep your website on point.


30 September 2019

Making Your Business Pop Online

Have you ever stopped to really think about how visible your business is online? Although you might assume that loyal customers will post about your company on social media and rave about new and improved products, you never really know how your business is looking on the web. However, you might be able to increase traffic to your business and improve your image by hiring a company to help with online marketing. In addition to perfecting social media pages and focusing on directing people to excellent pages, online optimization companies can also boost your search rankings to improve visibility so that people know where to find you.