Small Business Saturday: 4 Ways To Encourage Customers With Mobile Promotions


Reaching customers directly is an essential part of running a small business. Small business owners are constantly looking for ways to reach out to consumers, get them to their store, and keep them as a customer for many years to come. One of the best ways to do this is with Small Business Saturday. The holiday celebration takes place the day after Black Friday and encourages people to shop at small businesses in their local area. You can help promote this special day and encourage a lot of shopping through the use of mobile promotion solutions. Learning about the different mobile solutions that are available can make a huge difference in your ability to reach customers effectively.

Mobile Instant-Win Games

People love to win, and they love to play games. The best of both worlds is mixed when you can supply a mobile instant-win game that ties into Small Business Saturday. A mobile promotion company can create a holiday-themed instant-win game that features prizes like gift cards or large discount coupons. The game can be set up in a number of different ways. For example, one of the main types of lottery games that people love is a scratch-off ticket. You can have a digital scratch-off ticket created. If the user matches multiple symbols, then they will automatically win a prize. Everything in the system can be automated, so you'll receive notifications of the winner and can keep track of the prizes you plan on giving out.

Mobile Coupons

Encourage shoppers to visit on Small Business Saturday by offering exclusive coupons that are only available for that day. Mobile coupons can be sent straight to phones or other devices. When users request coupons, you can also add them to your contact database. This makes it a lot easier to send out text promotions and keep your business thriving. Mobile coupons can feature digital bar codes or special QR codes depending on the type of payment system that you run. A mobile promotions company can create a general coupon code that everyone gets to use or unique coupon codes so that only the specific person can use the coupon and the discount options do not get abused.

Free Gifts

Start the gift-giving a little early by including free gift orders with your Small Business Saturday sale. These free gift options can be sent directly to users to encourage them to stop at your business. These gifts are typically a small treat that basically thanks the person for shopping at your business. This can include anything from a free Christmas ornament, Christmas wrapping paper, or a small holiday treat like fudge and cookies. Free promotions are great ways to customers into your store so that they can see everything you have to offer. A mobile company can help set up the free gift details, including any minimum purchases, customer limits on the free gifts, and the legal text needed to help ensure things go smoothly.

Snap-and-Share Promotions

Not only can you use mobile solutions to help reach individual customers, but you can use them to help spread the word on social media. Snap-and-share promotions encourage people to take pictures of your products or the inside your business. By adding a specific hashtag, you can offer exclusive discounts or rewards for anyone that shares your business information. The pictures are like free advertisements that spread to hundreds of people and will help your business grow naturally. Customers can feel rewarded about making the simple post and getting something in exchange.

Mobile solution companies can take care of everything on their end to help the process go as smoothly as possible. This can make a huge difference in the turn out for Small Business Saturday and the rest of the holiday shopping throughout December.


7 November 2016

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