4 Questions To Expect During A Call Center Job Interview


Working in a call center can be a rewarding career if you enjoy talking to people and jobs with low physical requirements. While every job will be different, there are a few common questions specific to call center jobs that most interviewers will ask. Here are some tips that can help you ace a call center job interview.

How Would You Help an Angry Customer?

Whether you work as a telemarketer or accept inbound calls only, every call center employee will eventually have to deal with an irate customer. An employer will want to know that you can handle the stress of this situation and allow the customer to vent their frustrations without getting agitated or, in the worst case, arguing with the customer.

When your potential employer asks this question, you should outline a clear and concise plan to assist agitated customers. Good points to emphasize are that you will start taking notes about the customer's problem from the beginning of the call, speak calmly and restate the main points, and verify that you have satisfied the customer's needs at the end of the call.

Why Would a Call Center Job be Right for You?

Every employer will want to know what specific strengths you have that relate to the job you are trying to get. Call center jobs require a diverse range of skills, and it is important to express your capabilities in each of these areas to your interviewer. First and foremost, you should stress that you have excellent communication skills. 

In addition to people skills, you will need to express strong multitasking skills and an ability to work under pressure. You will often find yourself working with multiple phone lines when consulting with another department, and you need to be able to check in with the customer regularly to ensure them you are working on a solution. You will also need to be able to handle high-volume periods with very short downtime between calls.

How Much Experience do You Have With Computers?

Call centers require their employees to be very comfortable with technology. In most cases, you will be operating multiple programs at the same time to answer calls, take notes, send and reply to emails, and more. If you are working in a call center that provides support for cell phones or computers, you will need to be able to familiarize yourself quickly with the products that the company offers.

If you have previous experience with CRM software, this is an excellent fact to bring up during your interview. While many call centers use specialized software, most will have at least some similarities. Your interviewer will be more confident that you will be able to adapt quickly to your new workflow if you have used similar software before.

Have You Ever Clashed With a Manager?

Working in a call center is a very team-oriented job. Because employees are often required to meet sales quotas, appropriate call and hold times, and several other metrics, you will frequently find yourself talking face-to-face with your manager about performance. Call center team managers want to know that you can handle both team-oriented and individualized criticism.

Like any interview question, the best way to approach questions about manager conflicts is with the truth. No matter how great the chemistry in your workplace is, disagreements are bound to happen eventually when people are working together for extended periods. Be sure that your interviewer understands that you can follow instructions that you may not entirely agree with, work through disagreements with your manager in a civil manner, and avoid workplace conflicts in general.

Above all, remember that call center interviewers are looking for applicants with strong people skills. Be prepared for these common questions and let your friendly personality shine through during your interview to maximize your chances of getting the job. For more information or advice on the interview process, contact a business such as OneTouch Direct.


10 August 2015

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